Our Services

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Onsite Medical Services

We provide onsite medical services including remote clinics with suitable on your project site and number of staff.


Medical Manpower Services

We provide medical professional and staff both onshore & offshore, chemical industries, major construction sites, site clinic and ambulance services for educational institutions, labor camps and another field required.


Ambulance Services

We provide full fledged ambulance service with emergency support as agreement and on call basis within Areas of UAE We Provide Local Ambulance Services Paramedics Trained to Provide Advanced Life Support for Patients with emergency medicines.


Event management

We provide well trained medical professionals and staff to support your events. First aid medicines and basic life support with emergency medicines. Full fledge set medic, with onsite ambulance.


School Health care

We provide well trained medical professionals and staff to school healthcare. Our vision to build an educated and trained healthy generation.

Frequent Medical Facilities Management